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    Divine wings
    By Sneha Patel
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    Divine wings
    By Sneha Patel
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    Divine wings
    By Sneha Patel
  • Stay Wealthy from Heart and Soul
    Divine Wings Charitable Trust
  • "હે જીવ, આ પૃથ્વી ઉપર ધારણ કરેલા શરીરરૂપી
    સાધનના અહંકાર, વૈભવ ,તમામ હોદ્દાઓ અને ધર્મનો
    સ્વાંગ અહીં જ ઉતારી આ પ્રકૃતિના ઉપાસના ધામમાં
    પગ મુકજે.આ જય જગત વિચારધારાનું પવિત્ર ધામ છે."

    આદરણીય નીલમભાઇ પટેલ



To help the underprivileged live their lives with independence, we have laid the foundation of Divine Wings Charitable Trust. Along with the upliftment of the children and women, we also focus on spreading the importance of self-awareness, meditation, and mind-body coordination through various seminars.  We aim to nurture the mind to escalate its wealthiness.


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"सर्व मंगलम भवतु"  | Sarva Mangalam Bhavatu | May Auspiciousness be unto all.



• To serve society by offering meditation techniques to enable the transformation of the human beings.
• To help human beings to achieve their true divine potential & self-healing power by meditation technique.
• To spread awareness about YOGA (Ashtang yoga) means a healthy lifestyle and also spread awareness about yoga founder Bharat (India) means to inspire a sense of patriotism within the youth.

• To seek inner peace and a wealthy mind for all. We explain how mind-body coordination along with meditation helps to achieve a peaceful and stress-free life

Harshgitodya Nandanvan

To change an orphan's future through the love of God and family. Providing loving, nurturing, divinity centered home.


Spread awareness to protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset for the human being.

Core Values

Satya (Truthfulness)

Being honest in our words and actions with ourselves and those around us.

Ahinsa (Non-Violence)

To live in a way that cultivates a sense of peace with ourselves and the world around us.

Asteya (Non-Stealing)

The practice of 'Asteya' is one must not steal nor have the intent to steal another's property through action, speech, and thought the practice of keeping promises.

Brahmacharya (Divine Conduct)

Sustaining divine conduct and maintaining vital energy.

Aparigraha (Non-Possessiveness)

Remember not to covet, what isn't ours. Practice detaching from strong feelings such as jealousy, non-grasping life.

Desh Bhakti (Patriotism)

Patriotism is not only to die for the motherland, but it also to live whole life for motherland (Bharat Mata)

Seminars Conducted
Workshop Conducted
International Seminars
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Our Services

Meditation & Self Awareness

Meditation the art of connecting the mind, body and heart in a moment of self observation. It is the mindful practice of connecting something that is greater and deeper than the individual self.
Parenting & Psychology

Education is given on psychological problems faced while parenting new born child up till their teenage period. Also practical solutions for the same are provided.
Corporate Seminar

The working class and the entrepreneurs are educated about their behavior in the firm, grow their business, how to handle risky situations, how to strike work life balance and much more.
Student’s Motivational Seminar
Students are given knowledge and tips on how to improve concentration, how to study well, selection of career, their behavior with elders and much more.
Personality Development Seminar
Personality development knowledge is given to individual on how to lead their life, how to fight with the problems that come, ways to deal with depressions and much more.

Our Portfolio

Depression & Aliment Healer
Transmission of Positive Energy
Meditation & Spirituality
Kasambhai Vepari
Ahuti Pandya
Utpalbhai Desai
Krishna Panchal

After meeting Sneha Ben I got the knowledge regarding healing power of our body, about power of our mind and soul, power of silence, how be stable in times of difficulty, enhance joy, love and satifaction in our lives. I got vast information on how to live a healthy and peaceful life. Sneha Ben taught us the actual meaning of life and how meditation and self awareness help us to live a happy and healthy life. 

Jitendra Shah
Engineering &Fabrication
Vyomesh Desai
Nensi Chavda

Learn to be positive in all senses and use of subconscious mind as well.

Nidhi Anil Lad

This was a really fantastic seminar, I will  imply this technique in life.


Harnish R. Kansara

I am feeling Positive vibration today, and i will try my best level for which you study in the workshop.

Kansara Jay S.

It's really awesome workshop. I really enjoy a lot. Keep if up! May god bless you dear. I wish everything you touch will success.

Dipti Amish Shah

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