Meditation & Self Awareness

Meditation the art of connecting the mind, body and heart in a moment of self observation. It is the mindful practice of connecting something that is greater and deeper than the individual self.
Parenting & Psychology

Education is given on psychological problems faced while parenting new born child up till their teenage period. Also practical solutions for the same are provided.
Corporate Seminar

The working class and the entrepreneurs are educated about their behavior in the firm, grow their business, how to handle risky situations, how to strike work life balance and much more.
Student’s Motivational Seminar
Students are given knowledge and tips on how to improve concentration, how to study well, selection of career, their behavior with elders and much more.
Personality Development Seminar
Personality development knowledge is given to individual on how to lead their life, how to fight with the problems that come, ways to deal with depressions and much more.

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